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We are now recognised as the first Queensland Alliance recognised by Dementia Australia as working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Alliance. We are a ‘grass roots’ body and not affiliated with any business or ‘For Profit’ organisation. We involve PLWD & their Carers at every stage of our activity.

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Most of our services are free and we provide a Carers Morning Tea every month and quarterly with a knowledgeable speaker which is giving Carers a support group and provides camaraderie, information sharing, and a feeling of inclusion and a break from their ‘caring activities’. Our future events will include People Living With Dementia and provide activities to physically and mentally stimulate for their wellbeing. We are creating an inclusive environment in Buderim and surrounds to make dementia less isolating and the community more inclusive.

We are creating more awareness in the entire community of dementia and its causes and implications and this will encourage more local support groups. This will also help reduce the stigma of Dementia.

We are also providing education on staying healthy with dementia and educating local health professionals on services available to patients/clients post diagnosis.

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Growth potential

Due to the attraction of the Sunshine Coast for retirees, there is likely to be more need in the future for support for People Living With Dementia and their Carers as the population grows and grows with a higher level of over 65’s.


Our type of Alliance will be ever more relevant in this environment, and we will be in a position to consult with newly forming Alliances in nearby areas on how to set up and create a supportive and pro-active alliance in their area. We will then be able to reach more people in the wider community with our knowledge and the experience of what we have learned.

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Mission statement:

To strive to create a Dementia Friendly Community across the Sunshine Coast, through advocating for People Living with Dementia and their Carers and to help them live a high quality, purposeful life, without stigma or isolation.


With our dedicated group of volunteers and commitee, we will raise awareness of dementia in our community, educate and inform businesses to become ‘dementia friendly’ and create opportunities for people living with dementia and their carers to engage in the community with confidence and feel supported and so reduce their feelings of isolation.

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Vision statement:

We have been successful in gaining formal recognition from Dementia Australia as the first Qld Dementia Alliance as actively working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation. Our vision is to promote this status to other local Sunshine Coast communities and support and assist them to create their own local Dementia Friendly recognised Community.


With the wider area becoming more Dementia Friendly, we envisage being leaders in this space and further influence the Sunshine Coast Council, Chamber of Commerce members and Sunshine Coast transport & travel services in becoming Dementia Aware and Dementia Friendly. The ‘Big Picture’ is to have the Sunshine Coast destination known and respected for being inclusive for all disabilities and especially for those Living with Dementia.

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Current Structure:

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Key customers and clients:

Key Customers

Our key ‘clients’ are People Living with Dementia and their Carers & friends.

We can target these clients through wide distribution of our Dementia Flyer and especially to Medical Practices where a Dementia diagnosis is mostly provided. Our brochure gives straight forward information on ‘next steps’ and also how to contact us to be introduced to our ‘Dementia Community’.

Key Clients

Dementia Care providers; BDA Donors; Dementia Australia; DA/BDA Dementia Friendly Community businesses and organisations; Sponsors; Buderim and surrounds Community; health professionals; community organisations

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Client & Customer management:

We will maintain a good relationship with our ‘customers’ through our monthly supportive Vitality Café an through our quarterly Community Informational and Awareness Events.

We provide support for PLWD through:

Vitality Café monthly event for Carers

Social Media blogs and sharing of information on Dementia

Public Events – Awareness, information, education to the wider community and PLWD & Carers.

Website – Information, awareness, education, promotion of our activities and events, contact.

We will keep the Vitality Café viable for Carers through the friendships and support that attendees experience at our café events and through our quarterly informational & supportive events with Inspirational and Educational speakers.

We will maintain a good relationship with our Dementia Friendly businesses through regular contact from the Office Bearers and community acknowledgment for their efforts to create a Dementia Friendly business.

We will keep our Dementia Friendly Businesses close to us through our annual catch up and business audit supported by Dementia Australia and their recognition for these businesses. We will continue to acknowledge these businesses on our website & Facebook page and in media coverage. Dementia Australia will acknowledge these businesses through their Dementia Friendly Communities program and badge provided to the organisation for their business premises and website.

Meet THE Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance Executive Committee

The Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance Committee is made up of a diverse range of local business people as well as those working in the Healthcare and Well-being sector.

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Nicola Brunton


For the past 2 years Nicola has been part of the working committee as Secretary.  Nicola lives and runs her own business here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

In December 2022 she was thrilled to became the President for the Alliance.

She is excited to continue the amazing work that Judy has tirelessly put in place (over the last 2 years) and continue to work with our amazing committee to provide support and resources for all in need of help and advice.

We are working to provide practical and easy to access resources as well as our Monthly Vitality Cafes and super fun, fundraising events as well.

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Denis Sullivan


My commitment to the Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance stems from Dot, my 91 year old Mother in Law who is coming to terms with the onset of Dementia.

She is living independently at Southern Cross in Caloundra with lots of love and assistance provided by a small army of Carers and family.

My aim is to share my experiences with others finding themselves in similar situations.

Now retired from Management Accounting spanning 45 years, I'm happy to lend this extensive experience the SCDA committee in the role as treasurer. 

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Lal Vider

L Vider.jpg

Lal joins as our Secretary.  Lal has been regular at our Vitality Cafe, as she many close family and friends with Dementia and was keen to help and broaden her knowledge.

She also comes to us with extensive executive committee knowledge, having held various roles when volunteering in many community groups.

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Maureen Mulligan

Maureen M.webp

Being passionate about supporting her community, Maureen worked tirelessly as an Office Bearer to establish the Buderim Dementia Alliance, the first such alliance to be recognised in Qld by Dementia Australia.


Maureen has had an extensive international career as a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Her experience also includes running large corporate businesses as G.M. and State Manager in Australia.

As a Commerce graduate in Marketing and HRM, Maureen has specialised in developing highly functions teams using EDISC profiling.


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