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Free Downloadable Resources

The Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance is building a wonderful base of free resources available to everyone to either Download, Share or request copies to be posted.

The flyer for the Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance is avaialbe as a PDF download - Our DL (three fold) flyer is a great way to find out more about the Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance

CLICK HERE to download

Do you know that 'September is World Alzheimer’s Month' and incorporates Dementia Action Week!


Helping is easier than you think - Download our poster (best suited to a Portrait size A4 page for printing.

CLICK HERE to download

A Hands on Guide to Dementia Care - FREE e-guide

We don't consider that we have all the answers but if one thing in this booklet helps one person, then we will be happy.

Helen Petersen

I have been caring for my husband since 2001. He is suffering from Fronto Temporal Dementia and Parkinson's Disease . It has been a long hard journey, but through participating in Care Support Groups I have learnt how to live with Dementia. I have no professional training. However, after caring for my partner for all these years I have gained a deep level of knowledge and practical experience.
John Newson

I am a retired TAFE teacher and as well as my teaching qualifications I completed studies in Certificate 111 Aged Care in 2007. I have been involved in Dementia Aged Care since 2004 both as an employee and a volunteer and have a deep commitment to helping people with their Dementia journey.

CLICK HERE to download

A Hands on Guide to Dementia Care.PNG

Can you help the Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance with a small donation?

Your donation will directly impact those living with dementia on Sunshine Coast, through regular community events, monthly morning teas, welcoming guest speaker and printed resources.

Thank you for your donation

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