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HAVE you ever left your doctor and struggled to recall what was discussed or recall later when asked by a family member or friend? 

The My Medical Diary has been produced as a perfect diary size, to record

all your important health details!

Use your My Medical Diary to:

  • Record medications and illnesses

  • When your vaccinations are due

  • Recording when an x-ray or scan was done

  • GP visits, surgeries, and hospital admissions

  • Family medical background

  • Note allergies ... You know you have them but what are you actually allergic to?

  • Cholesterol, blood pressure and so much more!

200 + pages!

Your copy of the My Medical Diary is the perfect way to record all this valuable information.


My Medical Diary is a record of your medical history for you, your family and medical professionals. Written and recorded by you, a carer or family member it provides vital information for GPs, hospitals as well as your own family members in the event of an emergency - without the need for complicated online searching. 

Simple, concise, and instantly accessible.


Only $19.95 each + postage

All purchases of the My Medical Diary will enable the Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance to continue to raise awareness of Dementia for the wider Sunshine Coast community. 
Your purchase is greatly appreciated and will directly aide SCDA and the Sunshine Coast community.

The My Medical Dairy fundraiser opportunity was made possible by a generous donation of stock from Mr Chris Drake. Chris was the original publisher, and the My Medical Diary became an invaluable tool when caring for his mother, who had dementia.  Chris was very keen to donate this resource to a Community Group that was focused on raising my needed awareness around dementia.

My Medical Diary with pen
X-rays & Scans
Specialist Visits
Doctors Visits
Blood Tests

Would you like to become a Dementia Friend?

Attend a local (in-person) session to
become a Dementia Friend!

The Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance is thrilled to have one of our very own Committee Members, Nicola Brunton as our official Host!!

Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance - Dementia Friend Host
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'Become a Dementia Friend'

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